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Thread ABC
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Thread ABC to your information :

Name Country Angle Descrition
ISO----- 60°-- International Organization for Standardization
NC- USA 60°-- National Coarse
UNC- USA 60°-- Unified National Coarse
NF- USA 60°-- National Fine
UNF- USA 60°-- Unified National Fine
UNEF- USA 60°-- Unified National Extra Fine
UN- USA 60°-- Unified National 8-,12- and 16 Gang
UNS- USA 60°-- Special Threads of American National Form
NPT- USA 60°-- National Taper Pipe 1:16
NPTF- USA 60°-- National Taper Pipe Dryseal 1:16
NPS- USA 60°-- National Standard Straight Pipe
NPSM- USA 60°-- National Standard Straight Pipe for free fitting mechanical
NPSF- USA 60°-- National Standard Internal Straight Pipe Dryseal
BSW- GB 55°-- British Standard Withworth Coarse, auchWW
BSF- GB 55°-- British Standard Fine
BSP- GB 55°-- British Standard Pipe
BSPT- GB 55°-- British Standard Pipe Taper
BA- GB 47°-- British Standard Association
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