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About us

The Company

Pfitzer-Verbindungstechnik GmbH has specialised itself on the global trade with American and English connecting elements on the inch sector. The product range contains inch screws, screw accessories, inch nuts, inch-sized-fasteners, stud bolts, inch tools, MS, NAS and AN parts.


Furthermore we offer you a first class procurement management in the special parts sector, especially turned and milled parts as well as parts based on sketches on the inch and metric sector. Based on mutual esteem we act guided by team spirit, uncomplicatedly, honestly and fair. 


We are measuring our performance to learn from our mistakes and to improve ourselves constantly. To make connecting elements available is an achievement, which will be only appreciated by the customers if it is at the right time on the right place and in the demanded quality.


We give our special attention to offer and to guarantee competent technical consultation regarding logistics and storekeeping for buyers, design engineers, fitters and process optimizers.


To be able to offer our customers permanently the right products in the demanded quality to competitive conditions, we are working together with chosen manufacturers and subcontractors world-wide.



Quality & Service

The general demanded certification (ISO) of our partners grants our customers security and flexibility. Because of that they get the possibility to do without cost-intensive inspections and examinations partly or completely – it is entirely up to them. Due to self control we analyse our strong and our weak points periodically and systematically. Discovered achievement and improvement potentials


Quality = Technology + Mind Attitude


The technical highly experienced staff and its strongly developed awareness of quality are a further guarantor for competent consultation and a loyal service.




Vision & Mission

The most important column in our company is our staff because they are responsible for our success.


Staff orientation is one thing on which we set great store by. Therefore we bet on specialised knowledge, teamwork, loyalty, engagement, enthusiasm and emotional intelligence.

As well one of our topmost goals is the process orientation with the goal to increase quality and productivity in all our process lines, aimed at our customers, to fulfil their requests, their demands and their expectations.


strong and accepted. . .

We would like to thank all our faithful and satisfied customers!

And in advance to all our future customers!


PFITZER Verbindungstechnik GmbH:


Your Focus in Regard to  Inch-Sized and Special Parts

Our philosophy:



Besides from high quality products it is necessary to produce an optimum of service.

Some things never change:




Capability to react


Knowing what is important